The Magnificent Spin of Colours To Transform A Wedding Dress

Brides have been opting for white for their wedding dress for centuries, but that is changing with brides getting experimental. There are unending options from which you can choose the one that suits you the best and matches the theme of your wedding. So if yellow, pink or blue speaks better to you, there isn’t any reason you can’t rock it at the day of your wedding. Right from blush beaded sheaths straight to bluish gowns, sporting a pretty splash of colour on your wedding gown is totally a stylish way to break from old traditions.
There is no denying that the white wedding dresses is a classic and timeless piece of attraction, but the whole allure of coloured wedding dresses has got a place for itself in the hearts of brides. You can opt for shades of pale pink, glimmering gold, blush, sparkling pewter, and light lavender that stands out in an ivory sea. Around the world, brides today are turning to colourful wedding dresses as a replacement for traditional white.

Pale Pink: This colour is a great alternative to white as it also offers a little hint of colour, while maintaining a very classic balance of colours. If you are hesitant, then you would want to try a wedding dress that has a tinted underlay, allowing the faintest glimpse of colour through a sexy ivory skirt.

Blush: Are you looking forward to make a brighter splash at your wedding day? If yes, then try a blush hued wedding gown. A classic head-to-toe blush beauty in a perfect and timeless silhouette which is designed to keep your wedding dress a little more modern, without having to sacrifice the true traditional bridal style.

Nude: If you are not able to commit to a particular colour, but you know that white is not the option, then nude is the best shade for you. A demure, svelte alternative, nude shaded wedding dresses have literally swept away the bridal runways. You can try a wedding dress with a nude underlay, showcasing the details of your dress to beautifully shine through.

Champagne: After all weddings are a celebration, so why not opt for a champagne wedding dress that adds body and lustre to the gown’s colour palette. Let the shade of champagne speak for itself with its sheen, or a little shimmer and excellent textural details. The champagne shaded wedding gown is a toast to the beginning of your happy and lovely days.
A wedding gown is an extremely important aspect for the bride, but it is also important to match the theme of your wedding. Try to have colour schemes, so that things do not look out of place. It is important to decide your wedding colour theme before planning the wedding, so that you can select the colour of the invitations, outfits, furnishings, decoration, etc. To select your wedding theme colours, first start by choosing 1 or 2 primary colours which inspire you or compliments your personality. Then add 2 or 3 accent colours which are complementary, harmonious or monochromatic.
The following are some of the best wedding theme colour ideas that you can select for your wedding:

Earthy: A fresh-cut twist on the typical rustic shade of lime green and sky blue will very nicely add a good burst of energy to your wedding. The two soft tan tones will help to balance it out and also create an ethereal ambiance which looks like a dream to the eyes. It doesn’t matter where your wedding is going to take place, this beautiful natural palette is next to perfection for your dream day.

Timeless: While being neutral, the shade of sugar is a very muted hue with a lot of classic appeal to the eye. It’s a delicate and chic shade which goes with anything and everything. But it’s the actual art of combining this shade with understated hues that add a modern and minimalist tone.

Rustic: This colour palette is just amazing since these deep jewel tones would look perfect when green trees are still gorgeously fresh, the days are warm and the nights are cold. This merely means that this colour scheme is great for a pretty autumn wedding. You can opt for a stunning burgundy along with a hunter green hint adding warm neutrals to it to keep it understated.

Delicate: An Orchid is a shade which is very feminine without being too sweet or typically girly. If you pair orchid with delicate peaches and pretty greens, it will give out a warm and romantic edge to the wedding. This colour palette is full of whimsy and a very slight touch of rustic flair is perfectly luxe.

These theme colour combination works well with wedding dresses. If you are not sure which one to select, the best decision is hiring the team of Gavin Rajah Concept to design your wedding theme. And for your dreamy wedding dress, Gavin Rajah can create gowns in white to other gorgeous shades and customise it to your taste and body type. Gavin Rajah Atelier has everything from the classics to the modern style to fit every bride.

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