Wedding Journey – From Dress To Destination

The new trend in weddings is “destination weddings”. Nobody wants to settle for less if they can afford to have their dreams come true. Weddings are not just about two people marrying, but it is more about making memories with friends and family. Clicking photos, adding little details like customised table clothes, give away gifts that have a symbol of the couple etc. are in trend right now.
Couples are trying to bring an interesting twist to their wedding to make it personalised and more than just a basic wedding ceremony. Some couples draft their own vows that they like to exchange and at a nostalgic venue where they want to say their “ I do’s” and tie the knot for life.
Of course your wedding dress has to match your groom’s attire and the wedding décor. So get your wedding dress designed by the best fashion designers in the industry. Colours and silhouettes of the dress will play a huge role in creating the overall look at your wedding. The colour of the wedding gown should suit your skin tone, so you look gorgeous and your pictures look flawless.

Is having a wedding at a unique destination like a remote beach or a safari destination your dream? Follow some wedding ideas that will help ensure that you and your lovely guests will have an unforgettable experience at a destination wedding. How about something exquisite and exotic for your wedding?
How about a dream wedding at South Africa? The beauty of the country is exceptional and there are so many locales to choose from. Host a wedding party that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. There are so many amazing theme weddings that can be organised based on the locale. Let’s look at some of the popular wedding types people love.

A Barn Wedding: A boho bride, who wishes for an adventure and has a lust for life, should opt for a beautiful barn wedding. Look for the perfect mix of country chic and rustic charm. The décor for a barn wedding is actually one of the most important aspects to achieve uniqueness. Barn venues for your wedding will offer flexibility and interesting style.
You can have pretty chandeliers and nice wall lights to set the scene for your stylish, neutral décor and mind-blowing view. Barn wedding décor is very interesting as you can get experimental with the decorations. You can make the decoration fancy with the drapery on the walls and ceilings. It can be accented by the help of shiny crystal chandeliers. You can make it more comfortable and casual with the help of a few barnyard staples like the twine, hay bales along with burlap.

Wedding Dress: To suit your barn venue, you need to look for a dress that will combine easy elegance with a touch of the bohemian glamour. Look for a full, A-line or fishtail skirts that have fabrics like lace and satin which also suits the countryside setting. The wedding gown can have sweeping, sweetheart or plunging halter necklines to add some drama to your outfit.

The Beach Wedding: Beach weddings are typically barefoot ceremonies, with the couples experiencing a laid-back vibe when tying the knot at their favourite surf spot. Nowadays, even contemporary beach weddings are popular as they are more sophisticated, with the use of crystal, silver, white linen used to deck up a hotel facing the beach.

There are many couples around the world who envisage taking their special vows on the sand as the beautiful sun sets over the stunning vast ocean. For some people, just being closer to nature hearing the waves and taking in the sea is perfect.
Nobody wants a normal wedding and having a fancy beach wedding is a great option. Exchanging vows close to nature gives you the feeling of tranquillity and bond.

Wedding Dress: Don’t go for the formal ball gown that weigh you down, rather opt for the light, airy fabric that easily flows with the breeze and has breathability. Choose from a nice chiffon or silk gown for your special day. Add features to your wedding gown like a fancy lace and slit as they help to maintain the airflow and comfort. Opt for wedges or flats, because heels don’t work for the beach sand. You can also carry a lightweight stole to complement the wedding dress.

Safari Weddings: This is a very unique and interesting idea that today’s couples are opting for over common wedding ideas. Couples, who are close to nature, should opt for a safari wedding. You can use faux peacock feathers to decorate the venue or you can have pictures clicked with your family and friends in the middle of the plains with zebras and beautiful gazelles grazing in the background.
You can also have an animal print theme for your wedding or have your bridesmaids wear plain gowns and animal print shoes. Use luxurious raw wood tables with organic linens, this will add elegance to the whole wedding. Get inspired by the talented Zulu craftsmen and adorn your venue with wooden masks and African beads.

Wedding Dress: You can go wild with your wedding dress ideas and have animal prints combined with other fabrics and shades. Soft white tones would look great as everything else around you would be bursting with colour. You can also have a wedding gown with a mix of contemporary and traditional style, so that it looks unique and pretty. Try to keep it as simple as possible and let the elegance and beauty shine through.

These are a few ideas for a destination wedding in South Africa. But to organise a dream wedding, you need a dream team of event planners. Hire Gavin Rajah Concept to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Gavin Rajah has a team of skilled experts who have enough experience to organise a beautiful event or wedding.
They do all it takes to make the ceremonies great. Apart from that, you can also invest in a splendid Gavin Rajah gown to complete your fairy tale wedding.

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