The Magnificent Spin of Colours To Transform A Wedding Dress

Brides have been opting for white for their wedding dress for centuries, but that is changing with brides getting experimental. There are unending options from which you can choose the one that suits you the best and matches the theme of your wedding. So if yellow, pink or blue speaks better to you, there isn’t any reason you can’t rock it at the day of your wedding. Right from blush beaded sheaths straight to bluish gowns, sporting a pretty splash of colour on your wedding gown is totally a stylish way to break from old traditions.
There is no denying that the white wedding dresses is a classic and timeless piece of attraction, but the whole allure of coloured wedding dresses has got a place for itself in the hearts of brides. You can opt for shades of pale pink, glimmering gold, blush, sparkling pewter, and light lavender that stands out in an ivory sea. Around the world, brides today are turning to colourful wedding dresses as a replacement for traditional white.

Pale Pink: This colour is a great alternative to white as it also offers a little hint of colour, while maintaining a very classic balance of colours. If you are hesitant, then you would want to try a wedding dress that has a tinted underlay, allowing the faintest glimpse of colour through a sexy ivory skirt.

Blush: Are you looking forward to make a brighter splash at your wedding day? If yes, then try a blush hued wedding gown. A classic head-to-toe blush beauty in a perfect and timeless silhouette which is designed to keep your wedding dress a little more modern, without having to sacrifice the true traditional bridal style.

Nude: If you are not able to commit to a particular colour, but you know that white is not the option, then nude is the best shade for you. A demure, svelte alternative, nude shaded wedding dresses have literally swept away the bridal runways. You can try a wedding dress with a nude underlay, showcasing the details of your dress to beautifully shine through.

Champagne: After all weddings are a celebration, so why not opt for a champagne wedding dress that adds body and lustre to the gown’s colour palette. Let the shade of champagne speak for itself with its sheen, or a little shimmer and excellent textural details. The champagne shaded wedding gown is a toast to the beginning of your happy and lovely days.
A wedding gown is an extremely important aspect for the bride, but it is also important to match the theme of your wedding. Try to have colour schemes, so that things do not look out of place. It is important to decide your wedding colour theme before planning the wedding, so that you can select the colour of the invitations, outfits, furnishings, decoration, etc. To select your wedding theme colours, first start by choosing 1 or 2 primary colours which inspire you or compliments your personality. Then add 2 or 3 accent colours which are complementary, harmonious or monochromatic.
The following are some of the best wedding theme colour ideas that you can select for your wedding:

Earthy: A fresh-cut twist on the typical rustic shade of lime green and sky blue will very nicely add a good burst of energy to your wedding. The two soft tan tones will help to balance it out and also create an ethereal ambiance which looks like a dream to the eyes. It doesn’t matter where your wedding is going to take place, this beautiful natural palette is next to perfection for your dream day.

Timeless: While being neutral, the shade of sugar is a very muted hue with a lot of classic appeal to the eye. It’s a delicate and chic shade which goes with anything and everything. But it’s the actual art of combining this shade with understated hues that add a modern and minimalist tone.

Rustic: This colour palette is just amazing since these deep jewel tones would look perfect when green trees are still gorgeously fresh, the days are warm and the nights are cold. This merely means that this colour scheme is great for a pretty autumn wedding. You can opt for a stunning burgundy along with a hunter green hint adding warm neutrals to it to keep it understated.

Delicate: An Orchid is a shade which is very feminine without being too sweet or typically girly. If you pair orchid with delicate peaches and pretty greens, it will give out a warm and romantic edge to the wedding. This colour palette is full of whimsy and a very slight touch of rustic flair is perfectly luxe.

These theme colour combination works well with wedding dresses. If you are not sure which one to select, the best decision is hiring the team of Gavin Rajah Concept to design your wedding theme. And for your dreamy wedding dress, Gavin Rajah can create gowns in white to other gorgeous shades and customise it to your taste and body type. Gavin Rajah Atelier has everything from the classics to the modern style to fit every bride.

Wedding Journey – From Dress To Destination

The new trend in weddings is “destination weddings”. Nobody wants to settle for less if they can afford to have their dreams come true. Weddings are not just about two people marrying, but it is more about making memories with friends and family. Clicking photos, adding little details like customised table clothes, give away gifts that have a symbol of the couple etc. are in trend right now.
Couples are trying to bring an interesting twist to their wedding to make it personalised and more than just a basic wedding ceremony. Some couples draft their own vows that they like to exchange and at a nostalgic venue where they want to say their “ I do’s” and tie the knot for life.
Of course your wedding dress has to match your groom’s attire and the wedding décor. So get your wedding dress designed by the best fashion designers in the industry. Colours and silhouettes of the dress will play a huge role in creating the overall look at your wedding. The colour of the wedding gown should suit your skin tone, so you look gorgeous and your pictures look flawless.

Is having a wedding at a unique destination like a remote beach or a safari destination your dream? Follow some wedding ideas that will help ensure that you and your lovely guests will have an unforgettable experience at a destination wedding. How about something exquisite and exotic for your wedding?
How about a dream wedding at South Africa? The beauty of the country is exceptional and there are so many locales to choose from. Host a wedding party that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. There are so many amazing theme weddings that can be organised based on the locale. Let’s look at some of the popular wedding types people love.

A Barn Wedding: A boho bride, who wishes for an adventure and has a lust for life, should opt for a beautiful barn wedding. Look for the perfect mix of country chic and rustic charm. The décor for a barn wedding is actually one of the most important aspects to achieve uniqueness. Barn venues for your wedding will offer flexibility and interesting style.
You can have pretty chandeliers and nice wall lights to set the scene for your stylish, neutral décor and mind-blowing view. Barn wedding décor is very interesting as you can get experimental with the decorations. You can make the decoration fancy with the drapery on the walls and ceilings. It can be accented by the help of shiny crystal chandeliers. You can make it more comfortable and casual with the help of a few barnyard staples like the twine, hay bales along with burlap.

Wedding Dress: To suit your barn venue, you need to look for a dress that will combine easy elegance with a touch of the bohemian glamour. Look for a full, A-line or fishtail skirts that have fabrics like lace and satin which also suits the countryside setting. The wedding gown can have sweeping, sweetheart or plunging halter necklines to add some drama to your outfit.

The Beach Wedding: Beach weddings are typically barefoot ceremonies, with the couples experiencing a laid-back vibe when tying the knot at their favourite surf spot. Nowadays, even contemporary beach weddings are popular as they are more sophisticated, with the use of crystal, silver, white linen used to deck up a hotel facing the beach.

There are many couples around the world who envisage taking their special vows on the sand as the beautiful sun sets over the stunning vast ocean. For some people, just being closer to nature hearing the waves and taking in the sea is perfect.
Nobody wants a normal wedding and having a fancy beach wedding is a great option. Exchanging vows close to nature gives you the feeling of tranquillity and bond.

Wedding Dress: Don’t go for the formal ball gown that weigh you down, rather opt for the light, airy fabric that easily flows with the breeze and has breathability. Choose from a nice chiffon or silk gown for your special day. Add features to your wedding gown like a fancy lace and slit as they help to maintain the airflow and comfort. Opt for wedges or flats, because heels don’t work for the beach sand. You can also carry a lightweight stole to complement the wedding dress.

Safari Weddings: This is a very unique and interesting idea that today’s couples are opting for over common wedding ideas. Couples, who are close to nature, should opt for a safari wedding. You can use faux peacock feathers to decorate the venue or you can have pictures clicked with your family and friends in the middle of the plains with zebras and beautiful gazelles grazing in the background.
You can also have an animal print theme for your wedding or have your bridesmaids wear plain gowns and animal print shoes. Use luxurious raw wood tables with organic linens, this will add elegance to the whole wedding. Get inspired by the talented Zulu craftsmen and adorn your venue with wooden masks and African beads.

Wedding Dress: You can go wild with your wedding dress ideas and have animal prints combined with other fabrics and shades. Soft white tones would look great as everything else around you would be bursting with colour. You can also have a wedding gown with a mix of contemporary and traditional style, so that it looks unique and pretty. Try to keep it as simple as possible and let the elegance and beauty shine through.

These are a few ideas for a destination wedding in South Africa. But to organise a dream wedding, you need a dream team of event planners. Hire Gavin Rajah Concept to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Gavin Rajah has a team of skilled experts who have enough experience to organise a beautiful event or wedding.
They do all it takes to make the ceremonies great. Apart from that, you can also invest in a splendid Gavin Rajah gown to complete your fairy tale wedding.

Decoding The Dress Codes: Your Complete Guide To Every Event

Say dress code and you think, restrictive, stifled, and boring. For those who had to abide by the strict rules of school uniforms and the arbitrary skirt lengths, this concept could make them feel extremely stifled as an adult. However, dress code is something that has existed since centuries.
Dress codes were made out to be a big deal in the earlier centuries thanks to their themed parties and balls. People went all out and glammed up with their coiffed hair, corseted period dresses, exquisite pearl necklaces, and powdered faces. Dress etiquette was taken seriously, and not following it for parties or events was frowned upon.
Folks of yore were so particular about following the dress code that many would gasp in utter horror at its casual treatment today. But, not all is lost when it comes to dress codes. There are still few holdovers from the Golden Age that are alive and kicking. Dress code, technically speaking, is a way of inviting people into your world and welcoming them to be a part of it. It also serves the purpose of providing direction to the guests of any events. This is the host’s way of telling the guests what they would prefer them to wear.
Cut to the future; the extravagant ballroom parties might have fled today’s party scenes. However, the dress code tradition has been kept alive thanks to the themed weddings that require guests to follow certain wedding protocols which include what they can wear and not wear. But, at times creativity could also breed confusion for the invitees.
This ancient system can be confusing to decode in terms of what you can wear and what is strictly forbidden when you get an invite specifying a dress code. And, sometimes the vague descriptions are of little or no help at all. While we cannot help the unique spin each host or couple decides to give the conventional dress codes, we can help you decode the popular ones.
Here’s a list of the various dress codes and a guide on what you are expected to wear for each of them.

Formal/Black Tie/Black Tie Optional

This dress code indicates the event you are invited to is a strictly formal affair. Hence, the dressing has to match that tone. Considering this is the epitome of a formal event, women are expected to wear a formal, floor-length gown, while men should be all suited up in a dark suit or a tuxedo without tails, paired with a white shirt and tie or a bow tie with or without the vest and cummerbund. If it is a black tie optional, women could go in for a dressy cocktail dress, a tux-style pantsuit, or LBD paired with fancy jewellery to elevate the look.

Creative Black Tie

This is where you abide by the formal dress code rule, but with a smudge of playfulness thrown into it. Women can opt for a long gown, a short cocktail dress, or snazzy separates, and pair it with unique and fun accessories. Men can incorporate the trending prints and mix fabrics with their shirt and blazer to create an interesting look.

Business Formal

Imagine your attire if you were asked to give an important presentation at work. It is usually required for daytime semi-formal events like work lunches and conferences. Women are required to wear a well tailored, polished dress with a blazer or pantsuit, and should be styled with appropriate heels. Men should suit up with a shirt, suit, and tie.

Business Casual

This calls for you to keep your look professional without being overly dressy. It is something you could wear to work and also to grab a work drink. Women could do skirts, dress pants or khakis with a formal top. A casual dress with flats is also an option, which you can dress up with heels or any other accessories if you so desire. Men can choose to wear a pair of khakis teamed with a polo shirt or other collared shirt. Patterned collar shirts are also an option. It could also be layered with a v-neck sweater, blazer, or sport coat, with tie being optional.

Dressy/Smart Casual

This is a dressier version of your casual look. Women should avoid wearing cotton tees or tennis shoes. Instead, they could do silk or dress pants or a skirt. Wear a dressy blouse and dress up your pants with heels or a fun pair of ankle boots. Flats are acceptable as long as they are not overtly casual. Men could go for trousers and a dress shirt paired with a blazer and sport coat and leather loafers, oxfords, or slip-on shoes.


As the name suggests this event is meant to be primarily a social and enjoyable one. So, you can have fun dressing up for this event. Women could opt for short party dresses. If in doubt, opt for the little classic black dress. Women also have the choice of dressing up their outfit with fun accessories that shows their personality. Men have the option of wearing a dark suit, coat, and tie. Dark jeans teamed up with a jacket and tie are also acceptable at some cocktail events, depending on how casual the environment is.


This is one of the most popular dress code that pops up on invitations when the holidays roll around. This is similar to the cocktail attire but with the holiday spirit infused into it. For women, they have the option of going all sparkly and glitzy with their dressing. A sparkly sequin dress or a sequinned skirt are choices that women could opt for. Men could opt to wear a suit and holiday themed tie or could also stick to smart casuals with holiday themed colours.

White Tie

This could be considered as the most extravagant of all dress codes. This is where the women get to flaunt their exquisite ball-gowns and deck up in their fine jewellery. For women a floor-length gown is a must and can be accessorised with opera length gloves, glamorous jewellery, and up-do hairstyles. Men could opt for a short or waist length black tailcoats, white bow tie, white shirt and cummerbund which is optional, paired with high quality black pants.
Once you have the dress code sorted out, assembling the outfit would be easy, not to forget fun, too! So, next time you are invited to an event with a dress code, you know what to pull out from your closet, and how to be the star of the party!

A Brief Glance On The Evolution Of Fashion Trends

Fashion trends change constantly. People have now started using their clothes not just flaunt their curves but also as a status symbol. Increase in the number of fashion houses as well as people’s desire to create a statement wherever they go, has lead to such frequent changes. Out of the million trends that designers pour in the market with their spring summer, pre-fall, resort, pre-collection, fall-winter and the capsule collections, some withstand the test of time while others just fade away like the changing weather.
Changes in the glamour industry is not a new thing, the landscape has been witnessing a lot of changes since the inception of the word “fashion”. The world of fashion is influenced by a majority of things. When World War 2 was on, people were forced to carry an amount of fabric and weave this into simple outfits that would help them carry out wartime activities conveniently. The period between 1920-1990, marked a decade of massive change in fashion.
As far as fashion is concerned, we have come a long way from gaudy floral prints to minimalistic fashion. To know how this drastic change came about, read on:
Dresses And Skirts: From Mini To Maxi, Pleats To Pencil

  • It is apparent that dresses that people wore in 1920s are far different from apparels that are in trend today. 1920 was the time when people started designing as well as wearing garments with waist lines below the hip. Increase in the popularity of boyish flappers dresses marked 1920 as a decade when fashion and comfort met.
  • 1930 was a revolutionary era since every dress designed during that era, celebrated as well as complemented feminism. Embellished evening gowns with diamond cuts and dresses with a wide shoulder and a belt around the waistline captured people’s heart.
    Since in 1950 economy got a boost, glamour kicked in once again. Ruffled dresses and stylish lace accents acquired a prominent place in people’s wardrobe. People started wearing and designing dresses of knee or tea length.
  • In 1960s, mini skirts and maxi length dresses entered the scene. Pop culture garnered attention during this time and the rock music had an impact on designs of dresses. Disco music made dresses with slender line and flowing skirts, the first choice of fashionable people.
    Onset of 1980 took the fashion industry by storm once again and lengthy skirts with featured straight lines came into vogue. Suits with straight conservative skirts, broad shouldered, boxy blazers started dominating since more and more woman started joining workforce.

Blouses, Shirts and Tops

  • Jumper blouse was quite popular in 1920s. Usually, these blouses were made from silk and cotton and had a sailor collar. People used to pair this with skirts to accentuate body curves. Belt or sash was coupled to amp up the look. Long ties, bows, satin, linen became equally popular. For men, fashion meant polo shirts, dress shirts and sweaters.
  • In 1960s, ethnic was considered as the flavour of fashion. Ribbed and turtleneck, boy neck sweaters became the mainstream clothing. The time from late sixties to mid seventies was dominated by the funky coloured shirts and blouses with psychedelic patterns. Peasant tops, tunics, Nehru jackets, Indian cheesecloth shirts became popular among people of both the genders during that era.
  • During 1990s, many fashion labels came in the industry and people started buying these clothes to show off their status in the society. People have now started wearing shirts with catchy phrases or quotes that would depict their way of thinking or attitude towards life.


  • Not just clothing, shoes and other accessories have also changed with time. In 1920s, heeled shoes with swimwear clothing was considered the best to flaunt femininity. Lace up boots were considered a must have for a chic look.
  • During the war period, flatter heels and shoes with cork or wooden soles became popular. In 1950s, saddle shoes, white lace up shoes, leather Oxfords entered the world of fashion.
  • Vinyl boots, moccasin style loafers with wide heels, wedge heels and slip on heels with leather cut-out patterns became the wardrobe staples for women in 1970s. Western cow boy style boots were all the rage with men and women both. Walking shoes with bulkier heels and gym type athletic shoes became everyday choice of the large section of the society.


  • From 1920s-60s, there was a huge transformation in clothing as well as footwear, jewelery and accessories. Fashionable hats in 1920s-50s were considered an inseparable part of anybody’s look. Cloches, helmet styled hats, draped hats, turbans and poke bonnet became choice of every woman to adorn a beautiful look on any occasion.
  • Handbags and purses were also equally popular but the styles and patterns kept changing. In the early years, handbags were more used as vanity bags that included a small mirror used mainly for touch up. During the fifties and sixties, handbags became more of a fashion statement and people started using it as a status symbol rather than a mere utility.
  • The same trend continues till today. Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Fendi, Prada, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Chanel are well known brands for bags that are used mainly by people belonging to the upper middle class or the sophisticated section of the society.

No matter what the trends, intricate designs and alluring patterns always remained in vogue. All these frequent changes are possible due to prowess of visionary designers such as Gavin Rajah, Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani, Betsey Johnson and more. They have been designing apparels that are making people fashionable and are changing people’s perspective regarding fashion.

Organize Corporate Events To Reach Pinnacle Of Success

Connect With Your Clients And Customers Through Perfectly Organized Corporate Events
What do you think are the factors that determine success of a company? Many of you will agree with the fact that communication forms the platform. Well, some will argue that perfectly tailored strategies and innovative techniques are responsible for the profit generation of the company. There can be an infinitely long list of ideas and concepts to add, but the most important is to hold and organize high-profile corporate events.

Whether you conduct these events to award the employees or for launching a new product, corporate events form the most needed stage. The aim of strengthening the work force, improving products and services and spreading the word of your business with every media can be accomplished with the corporate events in an alluring manner.

Another reason that focuses on the requirement of such event is that you get to meet your new customers and existing clients in person. You get a golden opportunity to interact with them and improve your services or product on the basis of their feedback.

Whatever style of event you prefer, it is necessary that your company is remembered for the right reasons. Having an experienced event management company to plan your event right from the concept to its execution, ensures that the event will go without any hitches and lay a mark on the memory of everybody.

Arranging a corporate event, also give you an opportunity to introduce the newly recruited employees with the existing ones. Arranging theme parties and conducting activities that entertain your employees improve their productivity levels and hence your company earns more profit.

Corporate events serve as the best way to combine two concepts of corporate and entertainment. You can plan a whole day event where you can launch the product and conduct meetings for your delegates in the morning. At the time of evening, your employees, clients or event attendees can let down their hair and relax. Fantastic ambiance and proper management of event will result in an occasion that people will remember for the years to come.

Dress Up For Every Occasion Because Fashion Is A Method Of Self Expression

Look Beautiful With Finely Weaved Fashion Apparels
The clothing apparels are things that have become a reflection of one’s character in the present society. Your dressing sense is the first parameter upon which you are being judged. You need to be dressed well for office, when you go shopping and for every occasion to dazzle in. Your attire and sense of dressing defines you and the way you represent yourself again builds first impressions.

It’ s a myth that fashion is the trend that has gone popular recently. It is an old school thought that comes from the time when women and men decided to look better and flaunt their character in every facet of their lives. Even the ex-Buddhist nun Suzanne Arnold has said “Dress to feel alive at the moment.” According to this legendary figure, clothes tell a story and that is why wearer needs to make a smarter decision on which one they want to unfold today. Fashion is indeed a blank canvas on which some established or budding designers create artistic apparels that appeal masses and define the boldness and strong character of the present generation.

Over the years, the fashion industry has evolved to a great extent, as men and women are getting aware of their body and are rather well-informed regarding what will suit them the best for variety of occasions. Fashion is a word that holds different meaning for various types of people. For some, wearing fashionable clothes just uplift their moods, while for some clothes establish the connection with their inner souls. There is no doubt that wearing the right apparel for an occasion, unconventionally builds up a sense of confidence in one and gives him/her a feeling of standing out from the crowd.

You certainly want to remain in fashion, but sometimes an overdose of this can turn out to be a big disaster for you. Therefore, you should always look for established designers whose creations define your body structure and identity. Select carefully, stay ahead of the trends and use fashion as your asset and not weakness! Make the right choice and look as beautiful as you are.